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Thursday, October 20, 2005

saying it without saying it...

cliched topic. or thought. a much talked about and beaten to death thing actually. about values. and priorities. about age-old reasonings and changing approaches. not much of a discussion elsewhere, but very much an ongoing debate back home. stuff that sometimes question the way we think. about the levels of conservative behaviour in our culture. and our preparedness to think outside the box. about impending change.

its about family ties. the family legacy, which we all are frightened to tamper with, let alone lose. when the innate comfort zone is nurtured for years on end, we sometimes disinherit our capability to explore. and survive. a ghastly collage of abandonment, contempt and loneliness looms large on anyone who treads the alternate route. theres this collective effort to decimate such thoughts, so that the archaic rules stay intact. there is so much resistance to change.

no, this is not an objection to robust family ties. i'm all for people sticking together. we need each other. but sometimes, it grows to become much more than that. it becomes a chain, an entrapment of sorts. something that binds you to submission. even against your will. and then you feel helpless. the force becomes too large to oppose. it doesnt matter that you are convinced of the path you need to take. you cant. the chain holds you down. there are umpteen things to consider. like all these years. obligations.

its not easy when you know what to do and still cant do it. equivocal tactics. conversations that borderline emotional blackmail. a question of perspectives which has no right or wrong answer. a delicate balancing act. a no-win situation. considerations which land you in this mammoth dilemma. you risk everything. all kindsa alarm bells start to ring. a thousand thoughts clog your brain. you feel lost. you yearn for a sign somewhere. which doesnt come. constant pain rips your peace. bad situ.

all i have on my hands is time (yeah yeah thaz the most stupid line ever, but qualifies perfectly to the quandary i'm in). think. about priorities. how worthy is the big step? is it a point of no return? when push comes to shove, what am i gonna choose? how can i be sure i wont regret it later? tough times. tough questions. pray. hope.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

the plot.

the office is trying to kill me. dito most of the rest of the world. some kinda slow poison i guess. its sad wen i always feel like i need a break. wat am i running from? or trying to?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

what it really means...

"Everything that happens happens for good"

no, i am not going to object to the Gita. or watever. but then cant help think. abt all the implications of wat he said. abt wat this makes us think.
is it about destiny? a ruling that everything has been taken care of, and tho u dont understand crap now, its all for your good? or atleast believe that way and enjoy the beer?
or is it just abt doing ur thing and never worrying abt the consequences? like work your ass off for the full year and get appraised by a moron? or a moronic system, whatever be the case? do not expect anything to fall in place. however shitty it is, its for good.
maybe he was just trying to console us, yes? the omniscient trying to say smthg like 'dude, shit happens' in a very mild way? interesting thought huh?

Monday, October 03, 2005

dontyu think?

mondays. i wonder who in the world devised these days. methinks its an inherent feeling in all humans -or even posers- to hate -no too mild a word LOATHE- mondays. the way you drag yourself up from the bed -i mean it aint the same any other weekday is it?- should b a definitive indication of how we should get rid of them. there is something amiss wen u wake up and ur first thought is "oh! no". every sunrise(or day, wenever it starts) should be met with a cheerful and bright countenance. and not with a lousy n grumpy one. its nothing short of an insult to the rest of of ur life wen u begin it with an unpleasant word. i mean, u gotta b positive dude. is there a way out? u bet. begin all office weeks from tuesday afternoons. just to be sure, u kno. that way the wretched term 'monday morning blues' will be no more. and we r even obliterating the chances of a 'tuesday morning slump' as well! and there will be no mourners i am sure. now you need to focus here, just think about all the good things ok? i assure you, tuesday afternoons will be just perfect to start your week. c'mon people. wer r ya'll going? hey..?