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Thursday, October 05, 2006

being yourself.

at the outset, one might think that its the easiest thing to do. rather, you do not even have to do anything per se, you just have to be. just do watyu want, speak watyu want, think watyu want. and say this is me. simple.

but then, there is always another line of thought. aint there something that doesnt change? something that doesnt evolve all the time, that makes us what we are, who we are? and when that something changes, evolves, dontyu become someone else? better still, wudnt there be a dramatic remake? doesnt matter what you call that something. culture, value, belief, myth, learning, quality, nature.

and there is an interesting tussle too. atleast to the more aware among us. when there is change -forced or otherwise- and a resistance to it. many a time, our comfort zones determine how strong the resistance is. some of us cave in, accept and move on. some of us dont. either is not right or wrong. its like taking the blue pill or the red pill. there is just a different path.

sometimes i wish there was a 'save as' button in life, just in case.