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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

temporary shut down...

...for atleast a month.
i dont think there is an OCD on blogging yet, but then we'll see.

i'm sure i'll miss the gang the most. and then the trips, the roads, the late nights, the late night barbeque, impromptu karaokes, the intent to terminate rental agreement notices, the tennis court, the apache trail drives, working at home, Corona while WAH, Corona, jaywalking to office, hooked on to the fone on conference calls hours on end, 20 minute coffee breaks, double quarter pounder with cheese, the cutie at Fry's, Evy, making long distance calls from the office fone,, AMC, refreshing scores on ( not a lot of stuff huh? but then, the gang is what i really care about...and there aint nothin i can do abt it)

3 more hours for take off...Adieu dearies :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i was called...

..."a sloshed asshole" today....i cant totally disagree tho

Monday, August 01, 2005

going fishing (or wateva)

yes dearies....FINALLY i get a what if there is a 6 hour wait in SFO and another 6 hour wait in Singapore? what if 5 of my vacation days are already eaten up....i get to escape from the phoenix heat and get drenched in the i happy or am i happy?....tomorrowz my last day in the US till god-knows-when...i guess it warrants a full post yes? hmmmm...mabbe tomoro.