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Thursday, December 29, 2005

that time of the year...

no. this time its for real. i swear i will hold on. wont let go. no its not an OCD. every time i try. its getting better. maybe it will last longer this time.

1.will not lose a friend …came close to one this year, aint gonna let happen again
2.will take GMAT…and do what? good thought – but first things first
3.will spend more time reading…atleast a book a month
4.will keep the blog alive… some really cool ppl read this page
5.will spend more time at the gym…mmm tough one
6.will take some classes… maybe guitar? maybe tennis? maybe salsa?
7.will go back to beer…never shuda been unfaithful
8.will only do things that makes sense to me….sounds stupid?
9.will get drunk only with ppl i trust…just not worth it
10.will not take myself too seriously…god help me!

yeah yeah the last one is like an anticipatory bail i agree…:O)
here’s wishing ya’ll a freaking good year ahead! rock on!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

thank god...

...theres only one of these left in the year...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

whatz keeping me awake?

now? its this
stuck at 19 for the last hour. quite addictive.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

right things, wrong things - a whole load of crap?

huge thing to think about. big scope. more questions than anything, coz for me, answers never solve anything, they just create more questions. crazy huh?

how do we know something-anything- is right or wrong? is it by comparing it with something? no, it cant be....coz then you should know for sure that that thing-the benchmark- is either right or wrong...and how do you know that? because someone has told you? or because its how somethings been done for ages - for ever - or watever? how would something be right or wrong just because someone-or a lot of people- say so? is there a way to prove it?

do you just feel that something is right or wrong? and then act on that feeling? what is that feeling based on? values? what if they are just vagaries of perception? how do we accept values as ours? coz we like the feeling? is it as simple as that? if its just that, wouldnt everyone have his or her own set of rights and wrongs? if that is the case, would there be anything in the world that is absolutely right or absolutely wrong? even laws wouldnt make sense then! aha!

or is it just a case of having a set of priorities? based on some convoluted logic, you decide, believe, swear on a set of priorities...and then say that anything that goes against is wrong? is that fair? isnt it more like not respecting another one? or is this a case for 'for each his own'? maybe i am going into too many things, but cant endorse either subjectivism or aynn rand alone here...believe in something and just go for it, yes. exist for your own sake, yes. but reality by consensus? no. what is the purpose of it all then, if you are just gonna act like a robot? bah!

did i just hear someone say 'grow up!'? if i'm an eternal skeptic, there are reasons to it. convince me.either way.