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Sunday, January 06, 2008

where is the tuner?

is discontentment the same as unhappiness?

well, atleast the thesaurus seems to suggest so.
doesn't being discontent just mean that you yearn for more? isn't that allowed? how does it imply that you are unhappy with what is?
maybe its when you become irritated becoz u are not there...or you have no frigging clue how to get there - but even then, unhappy is too strong a word. it just feels incorrect.

am i being irrational here? or just plain stubborn? maybe obvious is a relative term as well?
whatever it is, it aint good - coz i can feel all the negative energy.

but discontentment all that bad? isnt it - atleast sometimes - the same as necessity? or it becomes that. atleast sometimes.
guess what really matters is what you end up doing about it. maybe the clarity will come then?

the mind is racing. all the time. its like fighting yourself to stay sane - atleast make half sense out of it all.
maybe the thesauruses aren't good enuff. just maybe.