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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

quite up there...

the south kaibab trek has done wonders...its temporarily gotten me out of the slump, temporarily instilled some kinda sense of achievement n temporarily raised the awareness levels on current fitness n stamina ;) but hey, heres the gud thing - its permanently reinforced the fact that slowly, but surely, i'm going embark upon that trek with the reeboks on, a blister on my toe, on that icy trail, all of 3 ft wide, without a pair of gloves on, at temperatures near freezing - boy! what am i trying to prove? atleast when i went skydiving at 11000 ft, there was this iota of a sense of safety...with the tandem jump instructor hooked on to my suit n a spare set of chutes n all that....but here? one slip and the 3000-odd-ft sheer drop wuda gulped me...poof!...maybe i needed something like this to change stop thinking abt all the bad thoughts...maybe the canyon was the right thing to do...afterall, the feeling afterwards is one of pure joy, relief, freshness...till the next bout of craziness atleast...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

a dumb n true list...

1. i'm quite bored with life
2. i'm craving for love
3. i'm almost always hungry
4. i feel very sleepy right after each meal
5. my tolerance towards imbeciles and hypocrites is coming down drastically
6. everytime i call home, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth
7. i feel lonely
8. i am not improving my backhand shot in tennis
9. my dell pocket DJ has pathetic battery life
10. i've agreed to go trekking in the canyon this weekend even though there's a blister in my toe
11. i've been bolder and have spoken my mind with abandon
12. i'm conscious of my beer belly disappearing as a result of regular tennis
13. the az summer is holding back, which is xcellent
14. i've realised again how painful it is to break someones heart
15. i've been getting appreciations @ work
16. i realise i'd want my wife to be like clare, my best friend
17. i've been chanting july july, to go back home
18. i'm still confused whether i shud do an MBA
19. i need to get a haircut
20. not having espn @ home sux !

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

how people think...

its amazing how people think. relationships should be the greatest unsolved mystery in the world. theres nothing thats more complex. wer it should be simple. ego plays wierd games on all of us. interesting games. that part of the brain should be really interesting to decipher. probably possessiveness is the root? but then without some amount of possessiveness, love will exist only in the world of sages. where 'let go' is the magic mantra. but mere mortals like me tend to hold on to love like dear life. which eventually leads to a lot of pain. and an inevitable heartbreak. but cant help feel that its this inherent trait in most of us that makes us human. unlike the infallible image that we have of god. or watever it is, however u wanna call it. and we keep lamenting about the way relationships end up. what an interesting design. deep down, i guess we are all aware of the inevitabilities.its all kinda romantic if you think abt it, walking like fools into pain and then crying abt it. but then, the longing is what moves the world. yes. the results of the selfless something inside. u ask me, there is nothing more selfless than love. too see a smile is worth all the pain, all the torture. hmmm....