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Monday, May 28, 2007

another cryptic post.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
very romantic indeed. alternatively, a whole load of bull crap. whatever makes you happy.

a spotless mind. lets just say we forget about the eternal sunshine for a moment. that's easier.
but a spotless mind. isn't that fantastic?

like in a fable. or a dream, just an idea, a crazy thought. or maybe a devised plan.
good intent, maybe. or a figment of imagination, a fabulous work of art. perceived but not understood. or known.

it confuses, doesnt it? maybe not, but the few who does understand. sages or psychos?

i'm torn. but man, i luv the thought.

Monday, May 21, 2007

the rolling stones.

not the band. the stones.

i can relate somewhat. no wonder i dig trance. the incessant music. if the musics bad, the incessant irritation. if its gud, its all gud.
but then, its never all gud, yeah? maybe yes. atleast i've not yet reached that stage where i can make that distinction. everytime. without giving up half way.

patience is a tricky thing. much like hunger, for me. unless i start eating, i dunno how hungry i am. funny, yeah?
maybe i'll find out. maybe i am patient.

to wat end, you ask? who knows! maybe singapore has all the answers.
maybe not.