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Friday, February 17, 2006

why 7? whoo knos?!

ok jaguu the dude thot i shud write this. n i thot y not?!

7 things to do before I die:
1. write a book (on luv, life, getting lost on luv, life)
2 a month-long vacation on a remote beach with lots of sun, sand, beer, music and mah gal
3. a big room full of DVD music n movies, huge screen, bose music and a lazboy in the middle :)
4. sky-dive (again)
5. own a red flashy 2-seater sports car (a ferrari wud b way out huh?)
6. find a job wer i will b happy n content (yeah rite!)
7. make sense out of myself (yeah that takes the cake)

7 things I can't do:
1. dance (not for my life. feet of lead)
2. lie to folks i luv (even simple things. crazy i kno)
3. pretend to be happy wen i am not (dontyu think a fake smile is the saddest thing?)
4. go back to being a kid (sigh!)
5. be totally comfortable around dogs cats et al (wat if they bite moi?)
6. have a good hairstyle (its hopeless)
7. stop listening to music (stop breathing?)

7 things I always say:
1. oh crapppp :)
2. howzyu?/wazzuuuuup!
3. what the...(trail/append with a choice word depending on ppl im talkin to)
4. c'mon maaan!/duuuuuuuuuuude!
5. :D (in Y!)
6. beer? (Corona pyaaar haaiii)
7. home is wer the heart is :)

7 books I have loved:
thisz gonna b tuff! ok seven in random order, the way they came to mind:
1. a brief history of time (especially the alternate universes bit)
2. the khalil gibran reader (its more like a treasure)
3. the dilbert omnibus (autobiography of sorts)
4. calvin n hobbes (all of em...can i marry him pls?)
5. reflections of the self (krishnamurthy is kinda cool :)
6. the republic (were ppl sleeping after plato?)
7. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance (ever wondered wat quality is? yuck!)

7 movies I'd love to watch over and over:
I cuda listed 7000, but then...!
1. Nadodikkattu (mah bible)
2. Poochakkoru Mukkuthi (all em mallu comedy flix, just the thot of em brings a laff)
3. The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain (almost perfect)
4. Cold Mountain (romance n longing @ its best...n Renee Z rockz!)
5. Lock stock and two smoking barrels (aint just the accent a turn on?)
6. Crouching tiger hidden dragon (Ziyi Zhang takes mah breath away)
7. Kill Bill 1 (Quentins mah hero)

7 things I get attracted to:
1. tall gals with long hair :D
2. dimples on gals :D
3. a beautiful smile, on a gal :D
4. the wave sounds at the beach (can listen to em all day)
5. the color red. gal in a red dress, sexy if its a red saree :D
6. the couch, the beer :D
7. yummy food :D

7 people I want to tag:
dont wanna :)

so there goes! these tags make me work dude! im too lazy for this....;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

scene on feb 15.

statistics say the max number of break-ups in the u.s. occur the day after valentine's owing to disappointment/anger that the partner did not do enuff for v-day. *grin*

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy just another lovely day!

there is valentines day. and then there is a superabundance of bull crap around valentines day. somebody help me understand the hoopla around this humbug.

i am all for showing how much you love, u care. smother em with affection. oh yes. luv it. but do u need to be reminded by hallmark for that? i mean, what a pathetic state of affairs that is huh!? i kno i kno...'ah! cliche! here comes another rant of the lovelorn' you go. yeah yeah. maybe, maybe not.

cant start to imagine the innuendos. so u wake up this day, almost sleepwalk to the nearest florist and buy roses. just becoz its feb 14 and hallmark or some flipped out halfwit sez its cool? u feel compelled to show ur love on this day more than any other? gosh people! wake up and smell-da-fkn-kaapi.

luv is such a wonderful thing. wat r v doing to it? assigning a day to love? and then go 'FUCK YOU BITCH!' on feb 15?
i'm sad. :(
and do i feel better? no.

Friday, February 10, 2006


fridays are supposed to be exciting, rite? wonder what happened to today!?

(hope it aint starting a trend)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

wazzup with da world huh?

or wazzup with me? or the way i look @ it? theres something awfully wrong. theres always, u say?

these days have been incredibly bad. office has been hell, there was the fever, the issue with payroll, the shifting houses thing and the never ending debate with myself on wat-the-fk-am-i-doing-here thing. my doc has been helping too. didnt someone say that unpleasant truths should not *grin* be told or something? quite apparently, she hasnt heard of anything of the sort. these doctors do have this habit of saying the truth dont they? i guess its the only
profession wer u hafto say the truth...hahaha..:)

anyhow, i've been told i'd die soon. yeah yeah we'll all die eventually, but if i dont take care of the high blood pressure, i'll die sooner. i've escaped from medication coz i'm 'young'(yippee!), but not from a cruel, cruel 'prescription'. she has pronounced that i need "lifestyle alteration". in simple words, knock off all the red meat, shrimp and other such heavenly stuff from my diet, use less salt, relax more and a mandatory 45 min session at the gym! fk i feel like i am 50 years old! (and wat do i eat now huh?)

ok ok there might be a lil harmless exaggeration involved here, it might come down if i work out a bit and gobble up *grin* the stuff only in moderation. life for veggies is hell here, i'm positive that i'd die sooner if i even remotely start to think of a green diet! :-o

'wers da light, god?'
" "
'what? cant hear you. theres a lot of static...'
" "
'what? cant hear...uh...look where? ugh!'

more sunshine to all, good times are coming! :O)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i need change! :(

came across this sexy quote today, n made me sad!

'If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.'