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Thursday, April 28, 2005

good things, sad things...

good things->
->my tennis game is improving, i have confidence in my backhand now
->the watch i ordered in deals2buy has come out real neat
->my projects are going well, my director has loads of confidence in me
->i might actually meet the 15% tolerance i'd set for my savings target
->i've lost weight, look trimmer n fitter
->i strongly feel the need to have someone special in my life
->i'm so happy that ashi is here

sad things->
->i feel extremely homesick, the pain increasing by day
->i'm too lazy to take a PMP certification
->i've not been giving more than 65% @ work
->i've been guilty of letting things drift and not making things happen
->i feel frustrated for reasons i cant fully comprehend
->i spent hours doing nothing on the internet
->i havent been able to complete the republic

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

y am i sad?

i've been trying to figure out a reasonably satisfying answer to this question for almost 2 days now....cant say i have covered -or uncovered( whatever suits you better)- much ground....the most strenous search of all is when you seek within yourselves.....there is just too many things happening, you dont know where to start....all you ask for is some level of focus, which, or lack of which, for all you know, could be the primary culprit anyway! its a vicious thing, all you gain in the circus is some heartache and depression and more often than not, an eating/drinking spree.....its shameful if you think abt it, not to have the level of control over yourself at these you seeds of thought, abt the better path and the easier path....its all very interesting, but then if you introduce laziness to the whole mix, you get a very potent and mindboggling situation...its like this whole new ballgame, with no rules attached....the game just drifts on and on, waiting for somebody to blow the whistle...or until extreme boredom takes over, which should bring with it a sweeping sense of awakening....that the easier path...i'm still trying to figure out the better path.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the spree...

Kill Bill/Sin City/Eyes Wide Shut/Forrest Gump/Be Cool/Godfather

four days, seven movies...not too bad an effort, considering the selection.....shud say barring BeCool, these were 6 brilliant flix....was enchanted by Kubrick's style, so downloaded Full Metal Jacket....thaz in the menu for today...and Sin City was after seeing that Quentin is guest director...and boy! has he stamped his style!

kill bill? vol1 was outta this freaking world, some guts the guy has! and a queer sensa humor as well, kinda cranky and looney, which i digged ;O) bill2? stylish way the ending was filmed...and GOGO was another trump from Q...nail on the head dude....sin city? nothing short of a revelation...should create a trend, which will be extremely difficult to follow....treatment of color was par compare..ews? bold.very. wouldnt want to be in the poor doc's shoes, however, cant help feel some empathy....universal brotherhood of man?....gump? neat, especially the scene in the utah desert where our guy just gets "tired" and stops the running...kinda cool huh?..beCool? normal, a waste of talent....Godfather? words aint enuff to praise the style...Puzo ruulz!